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Company Fondue Προϊόντα Σοκολάτα Παραγγελίες
The New Owr Product!
The Chocolate Fondue!
Our company, Astor, was established in 1993 and pretty soon became the most important industry in Greece for chocolate made decorative products such as vermicelli, flakes, drops of different tastes and colors etc. Our gamme also includes traditional chocolate couvertures (bitter,milk,white) and innovative couvertures of different tastes and colors (strawberry,orange,caramel etc). Our latest hit is the chocolate fondue."Chocolate Fondue" is a registered trade name in Greece. Bitter,Milk,Gianduja milk chocolate fondue is offered in a porcelain bowl or with the chocolate fondue set ("rechaud") in a special gift box.

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The Chocolate Fondue (registered trademark of Greece) is the most recent and innovative our product!

Where you can find Chocolate Fondue?
H Fondue Chocolate is located in supermarkets "THANOPOULOS" and "Carrefour"